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Talent Genie is your personal recruitment assistant. Our Software uses advancements in Artificial Intelligence to bring you a vastly superior recruitment experience. Using a combination of Linguistic Pattern Recognition and other forms of AI, experienced recruiters who use Genie on a daily basis have reported reducing time spend on recruitment and shortlisting by 60 hour a month. What could you do with an additional 60 hours a month?

Save 88% of the time with a Virtual Recruitment Assistant

This is a game changer; Genie uses advanced linguistic pattern recognition allowing it to read, understand and interpret CVs and job specs. This means that Genie can screen and match candidates automatically. The world’s first true electronic recruitment assistant has arrived!

#Can’t make the interview? Solution: Push Play Video Interviewing

Now Genie brings you a fully automated approach to initial screening interviews. Simply design and submit your interview questions, candidates respond with their answers in a video format. All you need to do is press play. This is the ideal recruitment tool for grad and management recruitment.

Advertise on all your Social Media and Job Boards from one page!

Fish where your candidates swim. Genie integrates seamlessly into 2500 job boards globally and all major social media. Use our multi-posting software to fill in a single form, select the job boards to advertise on and post your job seamlessly! New job boards are added every month furthermore, job board integrations are free.

Multiple Candidate Sources? Centralise your Candidate Database

Access to your own centralised database of all applying candidates from all sources. With the ability to screen 1000s of candidates in seconds, Genie’s recruitment system will automatically identify candidates that meet your vacancy description and retype their resumes into a bespoke format.

A.I. Automated candidate screening

Genie brings you another A.I. game changer. Using advances in Natural Language Patter (NLP) recognition Genie is able to screen candidate within 60 seconds. Genie will read your job advert and then automatically screen your resumes and shortlist for you.

A careers page for your website

Genie comes equipped with a bespoke careers page for your website and intranet. Genie will even assist in creating a unique employee referral program for you. Your careers page is designed and customised according to your needs ensuring that your brand identity is maintained. All pages are integrated directly into the applicant tracking system.

Never write a report again!

Have a world of analytics at your fingertips thanks to our reporting feature. Whether monitoring time to hire, external applicant sources or compiling personalised reports, you can now automate reporting, and eliminate capturing. Your activity on the ATS is date and time stamped and attached to more than 50 types of standard or custom reports.

Let’s have some fun and explore Talent Genie together.

Case Study

Statistical information gathered across 20 clients over a 12 month period.
Driving improvement in efficiency, reporting, time and cost saving.
  • 88%

    The amount of time saved screening CVs

  • 61%

    The cost saving compared to traditional solutions; staff, support, training and search

  • 95%

    The time saved writing reports; if still done manually

  • 91% or more

    Improved candidate experience; the time saved when applying for a position

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