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The recruitment world is evolving with AI resume scanning. is at the helm of this change, but before you dive in, consider why this might not suit your style.

Rethink Using TalentGenie’s AI Resume Scanning If…

1. You Enjoy the Tedious Task of Manual Shortlisting

If you cherish the manual labor of sifting through CVs, this automation might not entice you. The software drastically reduces the time taken to shortlist candidates. It scans them, ranks them and lists them in order of proximity to the business doing the hiring.

2. You Prefer Overlooking Stellar Candidates

If you enjoy the risk of bypassing top talent due to unintentional biases or due to a mountain of CV’s that you don’t have the time to get through, but this CV here seems good enough, then this tireless AI-driven precision might not be your cup of tea.

3. You Love Being Surrounded by Paper

Embracing AI means parting with physical resume clutter and the CV spillage from your briefcase that you wanted to take home but never got through due to kids, chores, husbands and pets. And although you look busy are you really coping? But if you’re a fan of paper towers, and taking paperwork back and forth from home to work, then this digital evolution might unsettle you.

4. You’re Fond of Lengthy Recruitment Cycles

If longer hiring processes is your thing, the pace and efficiency brought by AI could disrupt your tedious flow.

5. You Think Rapid Deal Pacing Doesn’t Boost Income

Sure, go ahead and ignore TalentGenie if you think that expediting deal closures and boosting your income is just a for top recruiters. I mean, who needs more clients, faster results and more accolades anyway?

The downside

The downside is, there is no downside. However, The Proof is Right There…

The numerous benefits of TalentGenie’s AI resume scanning software are undeniable. Testing it out firsthand will provide a clearer picture. Experience a trial, and you’ll soon appreciate the transformative potential it offers to recruitment specialists. The proof is in the pudding. Can we offer you some pudding to soothe your stress?