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Our AI-driven recruitment system has one an award for the most innovation recruitment technology.

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AI – Artificial Intelligence

AI gives you the ability to complete your screening in a fraction of the time. A regular recruiter saves an average of 60 Hours a month, thus, allowing for an increasable user experience.

2500 Job Board Integrations

With 2500 Job Board integrations we are able to ensure that you can advertise for any vacancy anywhere in the world. It’s the largest integrations platform on earth.

Open API

An Open API means that you are now able to customise your recruitment experience by integrating into various applications that will enhance your recruitment such as psychometrics and video.

Bespoke Careers Page

An optional bespoke careers page is available for external, internal, agency and referral recruitment. Fully interrogatable with your website or intranet, providing a brilliant candidate experience.

Automated Reporting and Analytics

No more report writing. Have your reports automated. With 40 standard reports and the ability to create bespoke reports you will now be able to focus on the outcomes and solutions.


It's time to move into a paperless world. The average new recruit will approve 35 - 50 pages of contract related information. All these documents need to be stored and managed. With Genie's On-boarding module you can now remove the need for paper. The module also supports digital signatures.


An internal/external Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a standard feature. Always know which vacancies belong to who and keep track of service levels with a click on a button.

AI – Fast Candidate Screening

Now you can screen candidates in less time than it takes you to make and drink a cup of coffee. Our AI can shorten your screening time to less than 10 min from a previous average of 4 – 5 hours. If you are a regular recruiter, then your time saved will be more than a week a month!

Case Study​
Driving improvement in efficiency, reporting, time and cost saving.
1 %
The average amount of time saved screening CVs.
60 hours a month saved
1 %
The cost saving compared to traditional solutions; staff, support, training and search
1 %
The time saved writing reports; if still done manually
1 %
Improved candidate experience; the time saved when applying for a position

Application Management

Centralised Database

An automated and indexed database, built from the original resumes with candidate document storage for easy document access. Use Boolean to isolate the best candidates for a vacancy.

Interview Bookings

Select the dates and times you are available for interviews. And invite the candidate to pick a suitable date and time, then receive confirmation.

Candidate Ranking

Keep track of your thoughts about a candidate’s suitability with notes and ranking flags. Isolate candidates with the same ranking an communicate to them in bulk.

Audit Trail

Automatically keep a record of all activity that you have had with a candidate, including ranking, notes taken, tags made, correspondence and track previously applied for positions

Social Media Verification

Now you can verify that a candidate’s resume is accurate by comparing their resume to their social media pages. Connect automatically to their LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter pages.

Progress Management

Progress a candidate from one step in your recruitment lifecycle to the next. Monitor were a candidate application is, at any point in the recruitment process and automate reports.

Team Collaboration

  • Now you are able to work as a team and coordinate with team members or collaborate on recruitment projects.
  • Team Collaboration also allows for easy management and oversight of larger teams.
  • Know how a project is progressing or simply support a team member that happens to be conducting an interview.


Talent Genie is an international award winning talent acquisition software (recruitment solution) that enables you to manage your entire recruitment workflow using a combination of feature rich modules. Our latest version is the most comprehensive recruitment software solution available in South Africa and great emphasis has been placed on ensuring that our technology creates the best possible user experience for everyone involved. Genie Recruitment Software integrates into 2500 job boards around the world, making it easy to manage your local or global recruitment needs in 20% of the time. Our system can be deployed within 24 hours giving you access to the most comprehensive recruitment software available today. Hosted under the strictest cyber security environment in the world, your data is safe, easy to access and completely centralised giving you access to any information you need, anytime, anywhere.

Genie is the most advanced recruitment tool you will find on the market today. No other recruitment system can integrate into 2500 job boards and do your shortlisting for you in the same way you would normally do your own shortlisting.


What is Artificial Intelligence? Firstly, stop thinking about robots! AI is not a robot; the robot is just the AI’s vessel so AI is the smarts of the operation much like the brain in the body. Surprisingly you are using a form of AI in your current everyday life, not advanced AI but it is AI nonetheless. When you are chatting to Siri, when you get suggested search options on Google or when an online store flags something as ‘suggested for you,’ these are all basic forms of Artificial Intelligence. So an actual definition would read something like this… Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence displayed by machines or software and it is also a field of study whereby scientists are creating software and computers that are able to think and display capabilities of intelligent behaviour. Why is this interesting? Well because computers and software have trouble comprehending certain situations and are not able to adapt to changing circumstances or environments. This means that there is only so much a computer or software is able to do. Artificial Intelligence aims to improve machine behaviour in tackling such complex tasks. Together with this, much of AI research is allowing us to understand our intelligent behaviour and utilise this intelligence to aid in raising efficiency in everyday tasks.

Now imagine a recruitment system that learns! Imagine a recruitment tool that behaves like you would! An applicant tracking system ATS that thinks. This is the ultimate goal of Talent Genie.

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