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About Talent Genie

Revolutionise the recruitment process through the power of artificial intelligence

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Our History

Talent Genie was founded with a singular vision: to revolutionise the recruitment process through the power of artificial intelligence. What began as a passion project with forward-thinking technologists has since evolved into a leading provider of AI-driven recruitment software. Over the years, we’ve relentlessly pursued innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in talent acquisition. Today, our solutions empower businesses of all sizes to streamline their hiring processes, uncover top talent, and build winning teams in record time.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in AI-driven recruitment solutions, revolutionising the way organisations attract, assess, and retain talent.

Our Mission

Empowering businesses with AI technology, simplifying recruitment, fostering smarter hiring decisions, and cultivating high-performing teams for success.

Our Promise

At Talent Genie, we ensure equitable access to top talent and dream jobs, bridging gaps with AI for an efficient, inclusive, and rewarding recruitment journey.

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